About F&H

I began making jewellery in the early 1980s. I shape raw silver with hand tools, fire, and hammers. I sometimes cut and polish my own cabochons, but that doesn’t make me as happy as hitting metal with a hammer.

This blog is about my jewellery – manufactured by hand – and connected thoughts. Sometimes it will be about other people’s work, too, and inspirational stuff I’ve come across. I don’t intend to post about personal stuff, feelings, or specifics about my life – unless it has something to do with jewellery.

My jewellery is made in silver and hallmarked in the UK.

4 thoughts on “About F&H

  1. Superb blog. Just right. Love your observations and analogies (solder sprites!). Thank you for the links on the left. Especially like Mission Motif and their stained glass work as I have had my stained glass books out recently, thinking…I can adapt these patterns for my silverwork… N

  2. Hi,
    Your jewelry and designs are wonderfully modern yet still primal enough to evoke raw feelings! Lovely. I read your post on flexible sandstone and will doubly assure you that it exists. It is common enough here in the US , especially in North Carolina.
    Your comments are so encouraging on my blog site. Thank You. And do you make your own cabochons? I have lots of agatized wood rough (just found another box lost in the office) and could send you some. It dates back to the Eosine era.
    Be well,

  3. Hi Nancy, I cut my own cabs when I can’t find the shapes I want from other cutters. That’s how I connected to your blog. I sent you an email about the agatized wood – perhaps we can do a swap with some of my sea-glass?
    P.S. I’m still the only blog on WordPress with “itacolumite” in the tags – hey, I’m the only blog on Technorati with “itacolumite” in the tags! 🙂

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